West Valley Board of Directors



The election process, board positions and duites are in the bylaws, which can be found in the forms section on the website. If you are interested, any board member would be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.


Board Members Position Email
Jason Cohen President jason@wvgs.org
Philippe Rasborn Vice President philippe@wvgs.org
Mark Pirkl Registrar mark@wvgs.org
Michelle Norman Secretary michelle@wvgs.org
Jodie Thomson Treasurer jodie@wvgs.org
Alison Stein Snack Shack Coordinator alison@wvgs.org
David Kanovsky Umpire Coordinator david@wvgs.org
Chris Rooney Equipment Coordinator chrisrooney@wvgs.org
Paul Murphy Field Coordinator paul@wvgs.org
Mitch Stein Head of Divisions Coordinator mitch@wvgs.org
 Brian Sperling T Ball Division Coordinator  brian@wvgs.org
Dan Black
Micro Division Coordinator dan@wvgs.org
Geoff Silver Mini Division Coordinator geoff@wvgs.org
Greg Peck Minor Division Coordinator greg@wvgs.org
Bryan Villalobos Major Division Coordinator Bryan@wvgs.org
Tonya Murphy Women's Division Coordinator tonya@wvgs.org
Chris Wellbaum Tournament Team Coordinator chris@wvgs.org
Stephanie McLaren Player Representitive stephanie@wvgs.org
Arly Ogle  Ways and Means arly@wvgs.org
Scott Lewis Webmaster scott@wvgs.org
Scott Lewis Uniform Coordinator scott@wvgs.org
Lucky Westfall Member at Large
Sean Parks Member at Large