Teenage Workers

Teen Employment in the Snack Shack 

Help Wanted!

Teenagers of West Valley Girls Softball families have an opportunity to 
work. Are you between the ages of 14-17? Do you have an interest in 
selling food/drinks to children and adults? Are you outgoing? Are you able 
to prepare foods? Can you stock items? Can you set up/organize/clean? 
Can you cook on the grill (not required but please let us know if you are able)?

This is a job that you are being paid to do. $10 per hour, paid at the end of each shift.

Each shift is 2.5 hours.

A job well done keeps your name on the list for future shifts.
If interested, the teenager should email her name and phone number 
to snackshack@wvgs.org. In your email, please state any outstanding 
qualities you possess that make you a worthy candidate. 

In addition, should you need community-service hours, you may earn them by completing specific tasks.  While earning hours, you will not receive hourly pay.  Please email Alison at alison@wvgs.org regarding community service in the snack shack.

**All teenagers are required to complete a short training course in order 
to qualify to work in the snack shack. More information to be provided.                                                  **Teenagers who have previously worked in the snack shack are exempt. 

**A list of teenagers’ names will be created and when needed, teenagers will 

be asked to work based on a shortage of parent volunteers. 

**If you have any questions, please contact Alison at snackshack@wvgs.org.