WVGS Snack Shack Rules

Snack Shack Duty Rules to Follow
Please be sure to read through this document prior to 
working your Snack Shack shift.
Enjoy your time working the snack shack. You are greatly appreciated. 
Remember to keep your eye on the cash box and merchandise at all 

1. Take the time to review all postings including Opening and Closing 
procedures.  Also, be sure to follow the directions of what to do during your shift (document provided inside Snack Shack).
2. Please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and 
soap prior to your shift.
3. Do not hand out any items without first receiving payment.
4. Snack shack tickets are worth $1 and change may not be given 
when using tickets. 
5. Tickets from previous seasons cannot be redeemed.

6. Cash is not accepted at outside tables/grill area.  Only tickets.  Tickets can only be purchased at Snack Shack.

7.  All workers, volunteers, and league representatives must pay for 

any order. Umpires are an exception (they may have water).

8. Children are not authorized to substitute for you in any way during 
your snack shack duty. 

9. You are not permitted to leave or become distracted from your 
accepted snack shack shift. Doing so will likely cause the league to 
forfeit your deposit check.

10. During your shift, you must be willing to perform tasks asked of you 
whether they are to set up, stock/organize/prepare/sell items, or 

Thank you very much.