West Valley Girls Softball: FAQ's


Q: My daughter has never played softball before. Does WVGS have a program for her?

A: Yes, Absolutely! WVGS is a recreational league open to all girls, regardless of experience. It is designed to be challenging, instructional and fun! 

Q: How are teams formed, and can I make a special request?
A: With the exception of T-Ball teams, all WVGS teams are formed by placing girls on teams through a draft with the objective of achieving evenly skilled teams. As a result, WVGS cannot make guarantees as to who will be on your child’s team. 

Q: Where are the games and practices?
A: All WVGS games and practices are played on the athletice fields at Hughes Middle School at 5600 Capistrano Ave. in Woodland Hills. 

Q: When are games and practices?
A: Spring Season games are played onSaturday's until daylight savings begins, then on weekday game is added. Practices are generally two times per week before the season begins, a weekday and a weekend day. Once the season begins, generally just one weekday practice per week. Once daylight savings begins, most teams stop having practices.

 Q: What are tryouts for? Will my daughter be placed on a team?
A: Tryouts are actualy evaluations. We do this to evaluate each players ability to create balanced teams. Every player that signs ups at West Valley will be placed on a team and will play in every game. 

Q: Am I required to volunteer?
A: WVGS is an all volunteer organization and could not function without volunteer support. As such, we ask that each family volunteer in any way possible (assistant coach, scorekeeper, committees, field preparation, special events) IN ADDITION to their required shifts in the snack shack.. 

Q: When are team pictures taken?
A: Team pictures are taken a couple of weeks after the season starts. They arrive several weeks after that. The package usually contains a button, one team picture and individual pictures. This package is part of the registration fee. Additional items may be purchased at the time of the shoot. 

Q: How much are coaches/board members paid?
A: Coaches and board members are volunteers and are not paid.  

Q: Our game was rained out. What now?
A: Games will be made up depending on time and fields. Check with your manager.


Q: What does a Team Parent do?
A: The team parent is the liaison between the manager and the other parents. The team parent helps the manager with distribution of uniforms, calling parents, planning team parties and coordinating the team snack scheduling.